Chattabot (beta)

Create automated messages for your customers so you can respond to their questions and requests 24/7. A Messenger Bot helps your business to increase your engagement rate.

Send custom messages to make your customers feel important. Use the insights that you have to create useful and relevant messages. Understand your customers’ needs and create automated solutions for them. Learn on the way and update your keywords and messages.

Chattabot Features

Chattabot comes with multiple features that allows you to create and manage your bots to perform multiple actions to archive your specific goals that are related to your customer engagement.


Easy Bot Creation & Facebook Connection


Salutations & Default Message Configuration


Full Media Support for Images, Audio, Videos & Files


Interface to Manage Your Bots Inteligence


Reports & Statistics for Engagement Analysis


Template Management for Carousels, Lists & Quick Replies


Message Reviews Interface


Online Support and Tutorials


API Integration


WordPress Integration

See our platfrom in action

It just takes a few steps to setup your Messenger Bot. We guide you all the way in the platform, just complete the required fields.

You can create custom greeting message that will motivate the customers to start getting engaged with your business. You can create different automated messages like text, audio, video and more. You can set different sets of keywords related to the automated message.